Sunday, November 29, 2009

1911 Flanders "4"

One more from the Barber Motorsports Museum...Soooo many cool things to look at there!

Anyway, this is a 1911 Flanders "4"

This bike is powered by a single cylinder 4 stroke air cooled engine that displaces 29.49 cubic inches (or 483 cc)...The Splitdorf magneto fired motor also cranks out 4 hp and is backed up by a single speed belt driven trans...The "headlight" runs off of acetylene gas instead of electricity...pretty neat...

Interesting to note that the original paperwork that came along with this bike stated that the top speed of the Flanders 4 was "5 to 50 mph"

In 1911, this bike originally sold in Pontiac Michigan for $175.00...Not sure how that adjusts for inflation, but I'm guessing it was pretty expensive for its time??

Anyway, have a look: