Wednesday, July 30, 2008


The following two pics are interesting to say the least...I copied them from Jeff's Church of Choppers blog, but really I think they're pretty fascinating! I have no idea about the history of these pics or if they're even legit, but they are pretty cool...Or at least I think they are! How 'bout you??

Wednesday glamor shot

Monday, July 28, 2008

Patriot's Point, SC

One of my favorite places to visit is Charleston South Carolina...Just outside of Charleston is a place called "Patriot's Point." Lots of cool military history here and Fort Sumter is close by too; just a quick ferry boat ride away...Charleston in general is full of history and what not, plus the beaches are pretty nice too...We're going for a week in mid September...

Patriot's Point, SC

A really old tree!

Petrified Forest in Arizona:


This was pretty cool, or at least I thought it was! Grave site of Billy the Kid, Charlie Bowdre and Tom O'Folliard...The shadows across the stone are actually of a big iron cage that sits over top of the grave site...Evidentially, the head stone has been stolen numerous times in the past and on one occasion was missing for several years...They finally decided to put the cage around it in an attempt to keep the thieves away:

Fort Sumner, New Mexico

Cadillac Ranch, outside Amarillo Texas

I was a little bummed out because I had seen all these pics of the Cadillac Ranch painted with lots of different bright colors and whatnot...Well, when we got there, we noticed a few people camping out beside the cars...Turns out they were a bunch of road tripping stoners and they got the big idea to paint all of the cars white with latex house paint! They did this the day before we got there! But, we still left our mark:

Still wishing I had brought another camera along besides the point and shoot digital!

Cadillac Ranch

It was really bright and sunny that day at the Cadillac Ranch; made it pretty tough to take a picture there, that and the fact that the cars had just been painted white caused everything to wash out badly:

Erick, Oklahoma...

I really wish I had a better camera with me on this trip, instead of the point and shoot! A lot of cool stuff to see as we drove out west:

Sunday, July 27, 2008


He eats wooden swings for breakfast...

Step Brothers...

Went to see this movie on Saturday...About as dumb as this picture, but still really funny! Worth the 12 bucks we spent to go see it:

An electric Shelby...interesting...

Hold-Fast! again...

I've had this belt for over a year, but thought I'd post a pic of it because I like it! "Hold-Fast" belt by Goose:


I like motorcycles; some are pretty cool, a lot more aren't...Some of the trikes out there these days are kinda neat too...Well, Thursday afternoon as I was heading up I-75 North, I spotted this guy on his bike...From a distance, it looked pretty weird from the back, 'till I realized he was pulling a trailer...As I got up beside him I noticed the wheels on the side of the bike..."Training wheels" was the first thought that entered my mind!

I've seen these kits advertised in the past and on some bikes that I've seen parked in various places, but this is one of the first times I've ever actually seen them in use for any extended amount of time! These things totally crack me up for some reason...I followed this guy for about 15 miles...As he would enter turns, the "training wheels" would actually lose contact with the road and sometimes skip across the pavement; didn't look like the suspension was working at all, or maybe there isn't any?? I'm not sure if this is how these kits are supposed to work, but I sure as heck wouldn't want to be riding next to a guy with one of these on his bike! They don't appear to be all that stable or really even safe at all! Honestly, it looked like the trailer he was pulling was really the only thing that was keeping him in line and out from underneath an 18 wheeler in the fast lane...

I'm all for getting out there and riding, but I totally don't see why someone would want to ride a bike with one of these "training wheel" deals on it...Either buy a proper trike or take a state riding class or get into one of the HD sponsored ones and learn to ride!

Sorry for the rant, check out the pics:

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I love these!

Finally in hand as well! Hold Fast! Polished, CCE panhead rocker boxes...Engraved by CJ Allan...check him out here:

And while you're at it, do yourself a favor and contact him for some engraving work...You WON'T regret it!

Crazy headlights of some sort...

So, over the past few months I've come across a few of these crazy looking headlights...Could be fog lights, signal lamps, driving lights, or...? I'm not sure...If anyone happens to know what these were used for or what they came off of, I'd like to know...Never the less, I'm running one on my Panhead:

Received this last week from some guy in Long Beach

For the '49 that is taking shape...almost there...

Ribbed and polished, finally in hand!

Put them all together and they do this!

Tiki Totem!

Another tiki!

Again, because I like them!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

In case you've been living in a cave...

Check this blog out!

My kind of nail gun!

Sunday, July 20, 2008


If you've read much of my blog in the past, then you know my feelings towards Tibet, as well as the whole Olympics in China and whatnot...Check out the above link to learn more!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Just because...

Happy 4th! Gotta love it!

It's not Shake and Bake, but I made it! Charcoal grilling is the best!

Thursday, July 3, 2008


My second favorite mag wheel ever...Behind the 12 spoke of course...I still love these though!

Tiki for Thursday...